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Outstanding results due to the passion for what we do.


Success and benchmark buildings.


We recognize our journey with satisfaction and we understand how important it is to evolve and to keep transforming lives.

Founder and Associate

Carlos de Azevedo Antunes

Carlos de Azevedo Antunes founded MCAA 23 years ago with one mission: to decentralize architecture project production and distribute it in a diverse crew. The biggest goal was to count on multiple sights and perspectives to reach an innovative job collaboration. This entrepreneur culture keeps alive, evolving each time more, making MCAA a different architecture office, a creative and engaging environment. 

Associate and Creation Director

PIlar Lorenzo

Pilar has had a passion for architecture since her University years in Spain until today. She lives each second of her job routine with intensity aiming to build functional and innovative ideas. She appreciates the positive impact architecture can make in people’s lives, from the project structure until your construction and selling. Pilar leads the creation and conception area in MCAA.

Associate and General Director

Rogério Castro Conde

Rogério is responsible for guiding the company’s decisions. He is in MCAA for 13 years and now is part of the new entrepreneur leading generation. Rogério is focused on working for an innovative and sustainable architecture, always open to the team’s suggestions and contributions to reach the best result in each building we project. 

Associate and Executive Director

Nadia Pedrique

Nadia Ruiz Pedrique is director of the Executive area, in which she focuses on project constructability. Among calculations and technique terms, Nadia and her crew work together to offer the best guides to the construction and execution step of the project. She is in MCAA since the beginning of the company and has built her career here.

Associate and Director
of Planning and Project

Frederica Fernandes

Frederica Fernandes is director of the Planning and Project area. With her crew, she takes care of fitting the legal project and the preliminary draft, building up all the project steps before approval. Frederica believes that the diverse sights, functions and contributions that MCAA brings about help a lot or the best final product for people who will live or work in the project building.

Associada-Gerente de Novos Negócios

Andreia Ortega

Andreia is in MCAA since 2021. In her actual function, she is responsible for new business rising for MCAA. With high market and architecture knowledge, she searches for the best opportunities and results for our clientes. She is also one of  the leaders of MCAA innovation process.

Associate and Manager of Administration and Finances

Cristiano Cittadino

Cristiano has worked in the Real Estate market for more than 15 years. He started in MCAA in 2018 focused on corporate management, human sources and infrastructure. Cristiano is dedicated to the strategic planning to generate interaction among people, technology and processes, also to preparing MCAA for daring situations and growing steps.

Associate and Volumetry Manager

Felipe Chieus Rossi

Felipe works in MCAA since 2015. Nowadays he is responsible for the architecture conception of our projects, always introducing new concepts for volumetry, building façade, architecture details and finishing touches. Felipe shows up as one of the new leaders of MCAA also responding for an innovation and research group in the company.


We build leadership internally. We have always worked with a diverse team and with decentralized leadership, counting on different professionals with multiple skills and background, who grow and evolve inside the company. We support and subsidize courses and studies for many employees because we believe in building a entrepreneur culture preserving our mission, purpose and values in each person that works here, partner or client that is part of our journey.


We face innovation as the fact of being one step ahead in structure and also in how we organize ourselves and interact with clients. We build long term connections with our employees, partners and clients through our experience and performance. Get to know more about our operation and business vision.